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1. Business Analysis

2. Quality Assurance

3. Application Development

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Nanda technologies having our entire business analysis, development & testing team in one place allows us to team them up with each other and to transact projects in as little time as possible. We do not lose any valuable time traveling or conferencing with our team members during a project and our project managers and architects work directly with our developers, often times hands on.

Business Analysis

Nanda Technologies Business Analysis takes a pragmatic, face-to-face approach, performing research and analysis through observation, interviews, design workshops and focus groups. This kind of adaptive, business-focused method coupled with project management and a strong development team ensures customer satisfaction and project success.

Quality Analysis

Nanda Technologies will eliminate the confusion and frustration of evaluating and selecting the right automated tools. With vast and diverse experience in automating the testing of complex applications, Nanda Technologies has developed an extensive criterion used for comparing automated test tools.

Application Development

The key to Nanda Technologies LLC successes has been its commitment to adhere to a disciplined, optimized software development methodology that expertly merges common sense with appropriate concepts from various software methodologies.

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